Courgette Recipes

Courgette Recipes

Courgettes are an extremely versatile summer vegetable. Baby courgettes can be served raw in salads as a crunchy texture, medium courgettes are delicious grilled and marrows (large courgettes) are tasty with a mince beef stuffing. Read on for some amazingly varied recipes that all make great use of this wonderful vegetable.

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About Courgettes

Due to their versatility, courgettes are grown in many an amateur gardener's allotment. This normally means an abundance of the vegetable as they're so easy to grow, so there have been hundreds of creative recipes created to make use of the extra courgettes, including chocolate and courgette cake, courgette sorbet and courgette relish.

The flower of the plant is also edible and a number of recipes have cropped up that include this flower, including baked courgette flower as well as cheese stuffed deep fried courgette flower. Have a look at the recipes above for some inspiration on what you can do with your courgettes and courgette flowers.

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